Energy Musings, February 8, 2022

Energy Musings contains articles and analyses dealing with important issues and developments within the energy industry, including historical perspective, with potentially significant implications for executives planning their companies’ future. While published every two weeks, events and travel may alter that schedule. I welcome your comments and observations. Allen Brooks

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February 8, 2022

Latest Wind Economics Reflect A Challenging Cost Structure

We examine the latest study on the actual costs for wind farms in the U.K. and contrast it with the U.K. government and consultant studies, none of which have any data to support their forecasts. READ MORE

The End Of Oil & Gas: The Second Time Around

Climate activists are pushing for the end of oil and gas. This is not the first time the industry has confronted the prospect of going out of business. We review that past, versus today’s pressures. READ MORE

Random Thoughts On Energy Topics 

January Off To A Good Start For Oil And Oil Stocks

After a great 2021, oil and gas stocks soared in January, along with oil prices.

The Great Fun Of Groundhog Day – Not Just The Movie

Groundhogs are not great weather forecasters, but do not call out those just having fun.

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