Energy Musings, January 25, 2022

Energy Musings contains articles and analyses dealing with important issues and developments within the energy industry, including historical perspective, with potentially significant implications for executives planning their companies’ future. While published every two weeks, events and travel may alter that schedule. I welcome your comments and observations. Allen Brooks

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January 25, 2022

The U.S. Offshore Wind Push Is In Gear But Issues Remain

The Biden administration’s effort to build 30 GW of offshore wind power is roaring ahead. Data from the oldest offshore farm shows it failing to achieve its theoretical capacity. Implications? READ MORE

Energy Best Performing Sector In 2021 And Continuing

Last year produced an outstanding return for energy investors. Outperformance is continuing in 2022. Data shows the historical record of the sector, and reminders of its terrible past decade. READ MORE

Germany Welcomes 2022 By Shutting Half Its Nuclear Plants

Last year upset Germany’s green energy plan. Renewables underperformed and more coal was burned. Emissions rose. Little will change near-term. Germany is the “canary” we must watch. READ MORE

Random Thoughts About Energy Topics Of Interest

New England’s recent cold snap sent its grid to burning oil and coal, and less natural gas. The risk of winter blackouts continues as its power margin shrinks.

Last year’s news about hurricanes was good. Fewer total and major storms just did not generate any attention from the mainstream media.

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