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$5 a gallon gasoline 3D seismic 5-year offshore oil and gas leasing program 30 GW offshore wind 100 million missing Chinese 100 years of gas supply 1950s hurricanes 1970s inflation 1980s energy timeline 2010 hurricane season 2010-2011 winter weather forecast 2011 and 2012 automobile output estimates 2011 Detroit auto show 2011 E&P capex spending survey 2011 hurricane forecast 2017-2025 CAFE standards 2018 hurricane forecast 2018 hurricane forecasts 2019 hurricane forecasts 2020s oil bull market rivals 2000s oil bull market 2021 Europe energy poverty 2022 Atlantic Basin hurricane season 2022 energy stock performance 2022 hurricane season review 2023 hurricane forecast A123 Systems AAA EV mobile charging service Abu Dhabi Accelerating Production AccuWeather AccuWeather 2011 hurricane forecast Adam Tooze adaptation additional electricity with EV revolution advanced batteries AEO AEO2010 AEO2011 AEO 2018 agricultural prices AGW Akio Toyoda and why hybrids are better for reducing emissions Alberta Alberta energy Alberta energy market Alberta oil actions Albert election Alex Epstein Alfred Kahn Al Gore Alice the plane Alliance for Climate Protection alternative-fuel vehicles American average daily driving distance Americans’ views of EVs ammonia amount of rejected wind energy output Amtrak Anderson Economic Group EV and ICE fueling cost study Andrew Revkin Andy Hall Andy McCabe annual stock market performance 1928-2022 ANO Anthony Watts anti-impact narrative Appomattox prospect AR6 Arab spring Art Berman Artists Against Fracking Ascent MKE Aspen Institute asphalt and U.S. highways Atchafalaya basin Aubrey McClendon Austin Australia LNG Australia’s climate election auto industry auto mandates automation automobile manufacturers automobile markets automobile quality issues autonomous cars and snow autonomous flying taxis autonomous vehicles Autonomous vehicles and snow auto sales auto sales and VMT Avangrid court appeal Avangrid Renewables and “uneconomic” Commonwealth Offshore Wind farm Avangrid Renewables ask for price adjustment aviation AVs AVs and moral questions AWS Truepower B.C. pipeline battle Baker Hughes drilling rig count Baker Hughes rig count Baker Institute Bakken Baltimore oil company lawsuit bananas and kumquats banning oil in France barges on Mississippi River Barnett Shale batteries battery charging issues for EVs battery costs Battery electric buses (BEB) battery storage economics BCG wind and solar power forecast Beacon Wind BEB economics behavioral economics Beijing auto licenses Beijing traffic congestion Benchmarking Bernard Looney BEVs BHP Biden administration’s offshore wind strategy Biden economists revise disastrous 2022 economic and cpi forecasts Biden energy policies Biden net zero Biden versus Saudi Arabia Biden’s gasoline tax holiday gimmick Bill Nye hurricane misinformation BlackRock ESG challenges Black Swan Blizzard of 2010 Blizzard of ’88 Block Island offshore wind Block Island Wind 5th anniversary Block Island wind farm Block Island Wind farm performance Block Island Wind output BloombergNEF LCOE of offshore wind. EIA LCOE forecast Bob Dudley BOEM BOEM and hurricanes BOEM and whale deaths BOEMRE Bonneville Power Authority Boomers Boone Pickens Boots & Coots BOP BP BP energy statistics BP Macondo BP share price performance BP stock underperformance BP’s oil production forecast Braes O’Doune Brazil ethanol Breakthrough Institute Bret Stephens British Columbia British gilt market British pension funds and LDI British primary energy consumption Brookings Institute Bruce Nuclear BSEE BYD BYD entrance into Europe EV market cabled data acquisition systems CAFE standards California and ZEVs California carbon emissions California car taxes California EV fleet California gasoline sales California high-speed rail California new energy law California outmigration California rooftop solar mandate Cameron International Canada E&P spending Canada elections Canada energy policy Canada Federation Canada heavy oil Canada oil exports Canada oil production Canada summer temperature forecast cancellation of Keystone XL pipeline cost cap-and-trade Cape Wind Cape Wind power rates capital discipline CAPP Captain America carbon Carbon Capture and Sequestration carbon dioxide emissions carbon emissions carbon tax carbon tax election cars per 100 people cavassa CBO 2023 spending and revenue forecast Celtic Exploration cement cement startups CFL CFL bulbs Charlestown cheap labor Chesapeake Energy Chesapeake Marcellus well spill Chevy Volt china China 2010 population census China and mining processing capacity China and wind turbines and EVs China auto vehicle penetration China car industry China demographics challenge China energy consumption China EV sales China green energy China Oilfield Services China population China temperature history China’s average wages Chinese auto manufacturers Chinese high speed train accident Chinese truck EV in Europe CHK Clean Energy Fuels clean energy mineral shortages clean jobs clean tech cleantech startups Climate climate change climate change history climate change paradigm climate disasters and insurance pricing climate models and plausibility Climate Progress Climate Reality Project climate science climate service reorganization CLINTEL Clive Cussler Clockspeed Acceleration Clockspeed Accelerators Clockspeed Analysis Clockspeed Drivers Clockspeed Optimization CNG CNOOC CNW Marketing Research CO2 coal coal plant conversions coal plants coastal radar locations Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind approval Coast Guard and radar interference from offshore wind farms Coast Guard warning on overloaded wind turbine ships cobalt Colorado energy setback election Colorado State University 2011 hurricane forecast Commodities vs Stocks commodity prices commodity super-cycle Commonwealth Wind Commonwealth Wind’s DPU rejection Communication Gap Competitive Analysis compliant ship fuels compressed natural gas Comstock Resources concrete Connecticut diesel tax hike ConocoPhillips Consumer Reports COP27 Core CPI corn Corporate IQ Corps of Engineers cost of additional transmission for net zero cost of capital cost of living protests cost to operate ISO-NE Cox Automotive EV sales CPI CPI data CPI measures Cracker Barrel crisis pictures crude oil exports crude oil price crude oil price performance crude oil prices CUDD Cutbank Ridge CVOW Pilot turbines output CVOW’s LCOE Dallas Dallas Cowboys Daniel Henninger Davy Crockett Dawson Geophysical daylight savings time dead whales debt to GDP decarbonized world decision-making Decoupling deepwater drilling deepwater drilling moratorium Deepwater Horizon DeepWater Wind deepwater wind turbines demographics demographic trends Department of Labor Inspector General deregulated electricity markets diesel prices Director Michael Bromwich disaster losses Disruption disruptive innovators distillate inventories in New England and Central Atlantic states distillates inventory DoD Dominion CVOW concerns Dominion Energy Dominion Energy and VCOW performance standard challenge Dominion Energy Virginia Dominion Wind in Virginia dot-com bubble Dr. Roger Pielke Dr. Terry Engelder drilling efficiency drilling rig count. Musings From The Oil Patch drillships driving EVs for long road trips dry natural gas reserves Dubai Duke Energy Dust Bowl E&P E-10 E-15 E100 Eagle Ford shale East Coast refineries East Coast whale deaths in 2023 Eco-Refinery Economic chaos economic warfare Ed Klein Egypt EIA EIA oil demand forecasts electric cars electricity electricity bills electricity costs in Germany electricity prices in deregulated states vs US electric trucks electric vehicle fleet penetration rate forecast Electric Vehicle forecasts electric vehicles electric vehicle subsidies electric vehicle tax credits Electrification Coalition electrified vehicle fleet electronics electronic vehicles embedded carbon EnCana Energy Business Energy demand energy demand in recessions Energy independence energy infrastructure projects being challenged Energy Mix Energy News energy poverty Energy Projects Optimization energy S&P sector weighting Energy sector energy sector weighting energy security energy share buybacks energy stock indices energy stock indices versus other stock market indices Energy stock market February performance Energy stock market weighting over time energy stock performance energy stock performance in 2022 energy stock performance in August Energy stock performance in July energy stocks Energy stocks in January energy stocks in September energy stock trading performance energy transformations Energy transition Engineering and Medicine Enron Ensco Rowan environmental case for BEB Environmental concerns environmentalists lack knowledge of what comes from petroleum Environmental Protection Agency EPA EPA and climate models EPA pollution rules EPX EROEI eROI ESG ESG fund expense fees ethanol ethanol blender credit EU EU aviation mandates EU countries restarting coal plants EU Dec. 5 Russia oil ban EU emissions policy EU energy EU Energy Policy EU gas rationing plan EU member imported energy dependency EU natural gas price cap EU oil price cap EUR Europe European electricity costs European Union energy crisis European wind turbine manufacturers fear of Chinese competition Europe coal revival Europe diesel market Europe energy crisis Europe energy security Europe EV sales Europe green agendas Europe natural gas Europe natural gas price cap EV battery costs EV battery supply EV cost vs ICE not favorable EV driving range in winter cold EV emissions EV Energy Partners EVEP EV forecasts EV mileage on battery charges EV ownership by income EV price war EV profitability EV range increase EV range in winter EV rescue vehicle EV road trip EVs EVs. ICE vehicles EV sales EVs and gasoline displacement EVs owned in multi-vehicle households EV subsidies EV supplier’s unique pricing strategy EV tax subsidies exhaust gas scrubbers exhaust scrubbers expensive oil in euros and GB pounds Exploration and Production Clockspeed extreme weather events Exxon Hates Children ExxonMobil ExxonMobile Energy Outlook to 2040 Farmers’ Almanac fast charging limits Fatih Birol energy crisis myths Fayetteville shale FCOE FERC Financial Times 2022 word focus fine wine prices fission power Fleet Electrification Roadmap fleet fuel-efficiency standard floating drilling rigs Florida flying cars FMC Technologies food inflation Ford Ford C-Max Ford Fusion Ford Motor Company Ford Motor Company. Ford’s EV losses Form 914 Form 914 gas production Fort Worth Fossil Future France nuclear power problems French power prices Friends of the Earth front-loading washers fusion energy Gallup Gallup on climate change Gallup poll GAO offshore wind investigation gas decoupling gas drilling rigs gasoline gasoline car range gasoline consumption gasoline price gouging gasoline prices gasoline prices and demand gasoline pump prices gasoline rationing gasoline use gasoline vs. electric vehicles gas prices Gas Pricing gas rigs Gas shale gas shale economics gas shale producers gas shale production gas shale reserves gas shale resources gas shale revolution gas shales gas storage gas supply Gas Trade gas traders Gas Trading Gateway pipeline General Accounting Office Gen Xers George Friedman George Mitchell German auto companies German carbon emissions German electricity costs German electricity prices German green energy policy Germany CO2 cost Germany imports Germany renewable power Germany’s energy challenge Germany’s green revolution Germany’s renewable energy performance in July Germany’s renewable energy performance in winter 2021-2022 Germany’s wind energy Germany’s wind output in July Global carbon emissions global debt global distillate inventories global economic growth global energy consumption in 2050 global energy efficiency Global EV Outlook 2022 global inflation global warming global warming and hurricanes GM GM and EV tax credits GM car sales go-go gold Goldman Sachs Google green energy investments government deficits grains Granite Bridge Pipeline expansion Green Car Reports green energy green energy fuels for shipping green energy subsidies green energy tax credits green fuel costs green fuels greenhouse gas emissions greenhouse gases green jobs Greenland DNA discovery Greenland’s Ice Is Melting Green New Deal GSA vehicle purchases GTL Gulf of Mexico Gulf of Mexico drilling permits Gulf of Mexico permitting Gulf of Mexico wind lease sale results gurgling Guterres Halliburton hand-crank washers heating oil and electricity prices heat pumps heavy-duty trucks Hess Hess LNG high-speed rail high sulfur fuel oil HIS Automotive hockey-stick temperature graph hohlraum horizontal drilling horizontal drilling rigs horizontal rig count horizontal rigs Housing housing double dip housing impact on US economy housing sales Houston Houston 2023 temperatures Houston snow hoverboard HSBC human flourishing humpback whales Hurricane Florence hurricane forecasts hurricane hours Hurricane Ian Hurricane Irene Hurricane Katrina hurricanes hurricanes and offshore wind hybrid cars hybrids hybrid vehicles hybrid vehricles hydraulic fracturing hydrocarbon hydroelectric power Hydrogen Hydro One hydropower ICE ICE vehicles IEA IEA coal demand outlook IEA Forecasting IEA world energy consumption forecast for 2050 IMF IMF global forecast IMF paper on Russian gas cutoff IMO IMO 220 IMO 2020 IMO emissions penalties IMO GHG strategy ImpactWeather incandescent light bulbs India Indian Point nuclear plant Indonesia inequity Inflation inflationary pressures from aging labor forces inflation drivers inflation peak Inflation Reduction Act INGAA Foundation inland marine rates innovative stock market premium Institute of Numerical Mathematics INTEK intercity buses interest rates internal combustion engines internal combustion vehicles International Energy Agency Internet investment metrics for energy investment risk Investment themes investor energy survey IOCs ION Geophysical Iowa wind power IPCC IPCC scenario 4.5 IPCC solar data Iranian revolution ISO-NE ISO-New England ISO-NE winter vs. summer power peaks isobutanol Israeli peace with Egypt Istanbul tensions Italian seismologists Italy 2009 earthquake J.D. Power J.D. Power & Associates jackups Japan earthquake Japan Inc. Japan’s aging businessman’s succession problem Japan’s demographics Jeff Bezos Jeff Currie Jerry Brown Jerry Jones Jim Farley Joe Biden Joe Romm John Doerr John Hofmeister John Kerry John Muir Trust Johnson Controls Jones Act vessel costs Jr. Jr. hurricane landfalling chart Judith Curry Julian Simon Justin Trudeau energy policy Kate Klinger keeping the lights on in California Kelley Blue Book Ken Medlock Kermit Keystone pipeline Keystone XL Keystone XL Pipeline kilns Kinder Morgan King Abdullah Kleiner Perkins Kobe earthquake labor costs for G20 countries labor productivity land-use methane emissions Larry Fink LCOE LCOE targets for offshore wind in 2030 LED Lenin and tsarist Russia collapse levelized cost of energy Libya light duty vehicle mpg liquids-rich lithium lithium-ion batteries Little Ice Age living without plastic LNG LNG export initiative LNG flows LNG market Lod John Brown long-term bond yields long time LOOP Lower 48 natural gas production MasterCard Spending Pulse survey lower for longer Low interest rates low sulfur fuel oil Luddite Fallacy MaaS Macondo Macondo well Maine offshore wind make-or-break for EVs MANTA price to free cash flow ratio Marcellus Marcellus Shale Marcellus Shale Coalition March Energy stock performance marine mammal populations marine mammals marine mammal take authorizations market capitalization by sector in 2022 Mark Fields Marks and Spencer London Martin Stopford Mary Barra Mary Meeker Massachusetts clean energy mandate Massachusetts clean energy plan at risk massive timber building mass timber construction Mastodon DNA materials impact on carbon emissions Matt Simmons Maunder Minimum Mayflower Wind McDonald’s men vs. women on self-driving cars methane emissions methanol Miami flood control projects Miami flooding Miami rising water table Michael Bromwich Michael Mann Michael Shellenberger Middle East Middle East oil Millennials Milliman Lecture miniFIT mitigation MMS Mobility as a Service Montney mortgage rates motor homes Mubarak Munich auto show Mus Musings From the Oil Patch Musings Newsletter Musings of the Oil Patch MV-1 National Academy of Science National Grid National Marine Fisheries Service National Resource Defense Council National Resources Defense Council Native American “fair share” demand natural gas natural gas-generated electricity natural gas buying policies in Connecticut natural gas demand natural gas demand and price in Northeast natural gas exports natural gas futures prices natural gas imports Natural gas injections natural gas price natural gas prices natural gas production natural gas storage natural gas storage volumes Natural Gas Transmission natural gas vehicles Natural gas winter storage Nature Geoscience Neil Howe NEPA Netherlands renewable subsidy program Net Zero newbuild offshore drilling rigs new car carrier ships New England energy supplies New England power demand forecast New England power prices New England retail power prices New England winter new housing starts New London State Pier New London State Pier renovation New York State net zero scoping plan Nexen NextEra and offshore wind NGV Night Probe! Nissan Leaf NOAA NOAA 2011 hurricane forecast NOAA budget NOAA temperature data NOAA vessel speed rules North American gas North American right whales North Caroline offshore wind Northeast natural gas Northern Hemisphere wind speeds Northern Pass North Sea Norway EVs Norway EV statistics Norway sale of oil stocks Norwegian winter EV range study nuclear fuel ignition nuclear power O&G Industry 2018 capex plans Obama Obama and gasoline prices OCEANA Oceana whale buffer zone ocean disruptions from wind turbines Ocean Wind 1 draft EIS OCS lease sales October stock market performance after September price declines October stock sector performance OECD offshore drillers offshore drilling offshore leasing plan offshore oil and gas offshore regulators offshore service contractor regulation Offshore wind Offshore wind costs offshore wind developers terminating PPAs Offshore wind economics offshore wind inflation offshore wind jobs offshore wind leasing offshore wind power offshore wind turbine costs offshore wind turbines Ohio Oil & Gas Association Oil & Gas Business oil & gas capex oil and coal in New England oil and gas CEOs Oil and Gas Industry ratings Oil booms oil by rail Oil Change International Oil cycles oil demand oil discoveries oil drilling rigs oil efficiency oilfield service stocks oil futures contracts oil futures prices oil futures trading during March 2023 oil futures trading volume Oil markets oil pipeline infrastructure Oil price oil prices oil prices 1Q2023 oil prices and banking crisis oil prices and Biden claims oil price shocks oil price volatility oil rigs oil sands report oil stocks oil tankers oily plays Oman Ontario election Ontario nuclear plant announcements Ontario PM2.5 concerns Ontario Power Generation Ontario renewable energy policy OPEC OPEC+ production cut OPEC and oil price agreement OPEC dilemma OPEC member breakeven oil prices OPEC output agreement Organzational Learning Orsted OSCLA OSX Outlook for oil and gas in 2018 OYO Geospace Pacific Decadal Oscillation Park City Wind passive seismic listening Paul Erhlich peak oil production forecast Peer Group Benchmarking per capita electricity consumption permitorium Peru temperature history Peter Lougheed Peter Tertzakian Petrobras PetroChina Petroleum Business Management PETRONAS pharmaceuticals and petroleum PHEVs Pierre Trudeau Pipeline Pipeline Capacity Utilization plan to raise CAFE standards plug-in hybrids plug-in vehicles polar bears Polar Vortex Polar Vortex and electric cars polycrisis Ponzi scheme Pope Francis and oil company execs Popular Science population projections for 2050 and 2100 Portfolio Optimization Potential Gas Committee Potential Gas Committee report Pound Sterling and US dollar power blackouts Powerwall President’s commission on BP oil spill pric Prius hybrid Progress Energy proposed EPA emission rules ProPublica PSAC public debt Public News Quebec gas shale drilling Rachel Notley radar interference from offshore WTGs railroads rain range anxiety Rapidan Energy Group. Russia oil production real estate taxes and hurricanes real oil prices recession fears and oil prices refineries refinery inputs rejected renewable energy projects reliable energy remodeling renewable energy renewable energy mandates in New England renewable energy prices renewable OEM economics renewable power in California renewable power intermittency Renewable production tax credit program renewable production tax credits renewables reparations REPowerEU Revenge of the Old Economy revised CO2 emissions Revolution Wind 2 RFF climate scenarios Rhode Island Rhode Island 2023 temperatures Rhode Island and Massachusetts electricity price increases Rhode Island clean energy jobs Rhode Island climate change lawsuit Rhode Island electricity generation sources Rhode Island electricity prices Rhode Island Energy Facility Siting Board Rhode Island offshore wind fees for utilities Rhode Island offshore wind power contract Rhode Island’s offshore wind Rice Alliance Riggs FERC complaint right whale protections rising sea levels risk risk management road trip road trip to RI Robert F. Kennedy Robert Lucas Robert McNally RODA Roger Pielke Romney rooftop solar rope-a-dope Rough gas storage facility Royal Society of Canada Roy Spencer Rudd Weijermars Rumble in the Jungle Russia Russian fossil fuels Russian LNG Russian oil price cap S&P 500 S&P 500 Energy sector S&P 500 sector performance S-adoption curves SAF safariLIVE sail-assisted ship propulsion salmon and steelhead fish San Antonio Sandy Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia and oil weapon Saudi Arabia driving ban Saudi Arabia non-oil economy Saudi Arabia royal family succession Saudi Aramco Saudi Aramco accelerated transformation program Saudi Aramco prospectus insights Schlumberger Schlumberger name change Scotland wind power scrubbers sea levels Sean Lennon SEC Sec. Chu SEC Rules seismic data acquisition equipment self-driving cars semisubmersible rigs Shale 2.0 ShaleCrescentUSA shale gas shale gas reserves shale investments shale oil shale revolution Shanghai Academy of Sciences Shanghai trucker strike Sharjah Shell Shell CEO Wael Sawan supports “oil for a long Shell Ohio petrochemical plant Shell Oil Shell Oil CEO Shell Oil US Shell Sky scenario Shell’s Sky scenario Shipping shipping freight cost history short-term US interest rates Siemens AG Siemens Gamsea wind turbine problems Sierra Club Silicon Valley Bank bankruptcy sinking Pacific islands Six Americas slowing renewables investment slowing US EV sales slow steaming small nuclear reactors Smartflower solar power solar solar power solar PV solar systems impact on home values SOLAS sophisticated refineries SouthCoast Wind spending in 2013 Spof - single point of failure SPR start-stop idle elimination state and federal gasoline taxes states with deregulated electricity markets Stirling Castle strategic oil reserves Strategic Petroleum Reserve drawdowns Stuart Kirk FT presentation subsidence Sundrop Fuels sun spots sunspots Sustainable Aviation Fuel SVB director skill sets Sweden’s rare earth minerals discovery TaaS Tariff war technically recoverable unproven shale gas resources technology change Tenaris Terry Engelder Tesla Tesla car prices in China Tesla Semi Tesla vehicle recalls Texas cities Texas energy economy outlook Texas natural gas production THC The Amateur Thoughts tight gas sands Time magazine and Ice Age Toby Rice Tony Haywood top-loading washers tornado deaths by decade tornadoes traffic traffic congestion TransCanada TransCanada name change TransCanada pipeline projects Trans Mountain decision Trans Mountain Pipeline Transocean history Transportation as a Service Transportation Energy Institute travel trailers trip cost for EVs versus gasoline powered vehicle triple-dip La Nina winter ahead tritium fuel supply trucking truck traffic tsunami TVA Raccoon Mountain Pumped-Storage Plant Tyndall Center U.K. gas storage facilities U.K. LNG import facilities U.S. EVs U.S. landfalling hurricanes trends U.S. refinery margins U.S. summer temperature anomalies UAE Uber UER UK electricity UK energy market UK natural gas connections to Europe UK Parliament UK wind energy UK windfall profits tax Ultra Petroleum uncertainty uncompleted wells unconventional resources underwater noise unemployment unemployment claims UN Environmental Program UNEP UN population projections for 2050 and 2100 urban heat effect US CPI US credit downgrade and economic growth US distillate inventories US dollar value and oil prices US energy self-sufficiency US GDP US government debt-to-GDP USGS US inflation US labor force participation rate US offshore wind farm economics US power prices US Producer Price Index US railroad worker contract US SAF subsidies UT energy poll Utica Utica gas shale Utica shale acreage values Vaclav Smil Value Chain Integration value of US dollar VCOW Performance Standard measure vehicle emissions vehicle fleet fuel efficiency vehicle fuel-efficiency standards vehicle miles driven vehicle miles traveled vehicle safety standards Venezuela venture capital Virginia Coastal Offshore Wind Virginia wind performance standard VMT Volt car sales Vuca – volatility uncertainty complexity ambiguity Wael Sawan Wall Street Journal Warren Buffett Warren Buffett and renewable tax credits wash-water washing machines water Western Canadian Select whale deaths whale industry history whales whale strandings wheat Wildfire causes wildfires wind Wind Catching Systems wind energy wind energy protests wind impact on neighbors wind power wind power and electricity prices Wind power LCOE wind speeds wind speeds in Europe wind turbine efficiency wind turbines wind turbine spacing winter 2019 temperatures Winter Storm Elliott winter weather forecast winter weather forecasts wireless data acquisition systems Wisconsin net zero energy plan women better drivers wood chips wood construction wooden towers Wood Mackenzie wood paste Workflow Speed World Wind Energy Association WTI oil prices in May WTI prices XNG XOI Yale Report on Climate Change Communication Yoko Ono Zoomers Ørsted offshore wind financial warning ” Shell energy will not subsidize renewables

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