Shale Asset Evaluation and Development

If you require a better understanding of the risks and opportunities in the emergent global market for shale gas and liquids Alboran is the right advisory partner. Our asset appraisals are based on detailed analyses of the geology, petrophysics and rock mechanics of your particular shale asset and we can model the economic field development options. Our clients are comprised of:

* Companies searching for sweet spots and better drilling strategies for rapid resource maturation.

* Investors in need of detailed assessments and validation of the value at risk in shale projects.

* Communities that require help in understanding the value and pitfalls related to shale development projects.

Lasting testimony of our well-established track-record is provided by the following highlights:

  • Alboran has evaluated numerous shale plays and related studies have been published by us in the peer-reviewed domain.
  • Alboran uses the latest tools and methods, is process owner of DCF Shale Scenario Builder TM, and holds provisional patents to drilling technology innovation Smart Fracking Technology TM.
  • Alboran experts provide in-company training for evaluating and developing shale resources.

To further evaluate how Alboran can create value for your organization, please consult our Energy Value Series:

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