Energy Musings, February 22, 2022

Allen Brooks, Managing Director

Energy Musings contains articles and analyses dealing with important issues and developments within the energy industry, including historical perspective, with potentially significant implications for executives planning their companies’ future. While published every two weeks, events and travel may alter that schedule. I welcome your comments and observations. Allen Brooks

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February 22, 2022

Get Your Worry Beads – Times Are Changing; Few Realize It

There is so much geopolitical and economic turmoil in the world, many people are failing to grasp the changes underway that are going to challenge the new generation of energy executives. READ MORE

Solar Power Growth Running Into Economic Challenges

A war has begun in California over the impact of net metering arrangements on the economics of electricity. That is one fundamental issue utility executives must deal with, but there are others. READ MORE

Random Thoughts On Energy Topics 

Updating The Block Island Wind Farm Data Leaves Questions

November output was up but still trails all previous Novembers by 36%.

The Battle Over Stoves Continues

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