Corporate Strategy Development

Your strategy development and implementation process requires seamless connections between your internal corporate capacities and the external changes in the global energy market. Alboran consultants have expert knowledge of the challenges and opportunities facing the energy business in the 21st Century. Our seasoned consultants provide in-depth assessments of your strategic options. Our project appraisal methods and screening criteria are based on auditable decision-making processes. We can generate and assess new project options, monitor the implementation of your new business strategy, and benchmark your performance at regular intervals.

Lasting testimony of our well-established experience base is provided by the following highlights:

  • Alboran is a founding partner of Energy Strategy Reviews (ESR), a peer-reviewed journal published by Elsevier, which connects the world’s leading energy system modelers with prominent energy strategy practitioners.
  • Alboran uses the latest strategy development tools and is process owner of several trademarked assessment tools (Clockspeed AcceleratorsTM and Corporate IQ AssessorTM and DCF Shale Scenario BuilderTM).
  • Alboran provides training programs to support the change process required for a successful implementation of your business strategy.

To further evaluate how Alboran can create value for your organization, please consult our Energy Value Series:

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