Energy Musings, March 8, 2022

Energy Musings contains articles and analyses dealing with important issues and developments within the energy industry, including historical perspective, with potentially significant implications for executives planning their companies’ future. While published every two weeks, events and travel may alter that schedule. I welcome your comments and observations. Allen Brooks

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March 8, 2022

Offshore Wind And Its Version Of The Shale Land-Grab

BOEM held a sale for offshore wind leases off New York and New Jersey that set a record in high bids. The cost per acre and per MW reminded us of the land-grab frenzy of the shale boom. READ MORE

We Need A Neck Brace After Germany’s Energy Whiplash

Germany’s three-decade philosophy about how to deal with Russia led to tolerance and economic dependence. That philosophy was reversed in one speech, but what does it mean? READ MORE

Petroleum Is More Important In Our Lives Than Many Think

We show you two lists of critical items and everyday products we depend on that are made from petroleum. Many of them have no alternatives, showing our dependence on oil and gas. READ MORE

Thoughts On Random Energy Topics

Europe’s Infatuation With Heat Pumps Has A Long Way To Go

At 1% penetration rates, it will take years to make a dent in fossil fuel demand.

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