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Musings From The Oil Patch – December 27, 2016

T’was The Energy Report Before Christmas America’s Renewable Energy In A New Era – Offshore Wind Understanding The Challenges Of Oil Price Forecasting Electric Vehicles Get Environmental Boost But Fail CO2 Test Recent Arctic Blast A Reminder Of Perils Of Cold Weather Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch – December 13, 2016

Clock Ticking – Obama Agencies Spin Up Fuel Rules Vienna Accord – How OPEC’s Agreement Was Preordained How Abuse Of APA Could Alter The Future Of The GOM Canada Faces Reality That Commodities Power Economy Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch – November 29, 2016

The OPEC Agreement: Yes…But Are EVs Reaching The Take-off Point Or Doomed To Neutral? The 2016-2017 Winter: Will It Be The Winter Of Our Despair? Renewables And Battery Technology Breakthroughs Watson And The World Of Big Data In Energy Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch – November 15, 2016

Natural Gas Prices Collapse As Upcoming Winter Written Off It’s Trump! Public’s Concerns May Have Been Overblown Is Canada Finally Getting Its Pipeline Export Act Together? Autonomous Trucks Pave The Way For Self-driving Cars Does The Trump Election Change OPEC Rolling The Dice? Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch – November 1, 2016

The Elephant In The Oil Market May Not Be OPEC Agreement The Anti-Fossil Fuel Movement Risks Environmental Disaster First Keystone; Now DAPL; Next NE Natural Gas Pipelines? Despite Climate and Matthew Hype, Public Not Worried Government Should Tell Obama About Climate Change Carbon Taxes Are Popular With Some Until They Are Not Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, October 18, 2016

Nat Gas Prices Higher As Output Falls, But Will Winter Help? Canada Working To Gain Market Share In Ontario Gas Market A Different From Usual Driving Trip Home From Rhode Island California Updates Autonomous Car Testing Regulations LED Highway Lights Criticized Over Light Quality Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, October 4, 2016

Did We Just Spend Two Years In Hell For Nothing? Continuing Examination Of EV Impact On Gasoline Demand Challenge For Oil Industry Rebalancing Supply/Demand Self-driving Cars Coming To A Street In Your Neighborhood Asian Market Share Fight Highlights Oil Glut Struggle Australia – On The Move But Don’t Trust Your GPS Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, September 20, 2016

Unlikely Investor Touts Energy Investments As Good Value Do You Think You Know Where Oil Prices Are Heading? Is Our Energy Future At Risk Following Oil Price Downturn? Can Gasoline Survive Economic, Enviro and Tech Attacks? Will Hurricane Hermine Be Only Test For Offshore Industry? Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, Septembe 6, 2016

Debt And Interest Rates Will Impact Industry Restructuring Is There Hope For Natural Gas This Winter? Creating Legacies Often Means Re-writing History Colorado Ballot Win Offsets Infrastructure Battles Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch,August 23, 2016

As Recovery Gains, Trajectory Becomes Critically Important Canadians Learning The Cost Of Environmental Legislation U.S. Renewables Enters A New Era – Deepwater Wind Starts Insuring Adequate Power Is Challenging For All Parties The Logic Of Attacking Heavy-duty Truck Fuel Efficiency Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch,August 9, 2016

Has Oil Industry Just Repeated Spring 2015 Head Fake? Challenge For Electric Companies Is Weak Power Demand Will 2016 Be The Year Oil Industry Gets Hit By Hurricanes? Nuclear Power And The Utility Market Challenge Brief Comments And Observations On Recent Topics Read article »

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