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Musings From The Oil Patch, July 26, 2016

ExxonMobil, Climate Change And Free Speech – The Case How The LED Lightbulb Is Changing Energy And Business Has First Shot In New England Natural Gas War Been Fired? Sick Economies Growing Sicker Won’t Help Oil Prices How U.S. LNG Is Changing The Natural Gas Energy Map U.S. Auto Mileage Standard Will Not Be Achieved […]

Musings From The Oil Patch, June 24, 2016

Northeast Electricity Market Struggles To Find Future Fuel Mix Will Oil Market Be All About Supply Or Can Demand Help? Understanding $100 A Barrel Oil And The Shale Revolution Driver Surveys Show Support For Self-driving Cars Lacking Changing Power Fuel Mix Will Have Energy Repercussions Understanding What Lies Behind Climate Change Movement Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, June 14, 2016

Are Industry Crosscurrents Obscuring End To The Downturn? Does The Future For Electric Cars Mean The End Of Oil? Wind Energy In Europe Looking At A Changed Outlook Canada Struggles Over Its Role In The Future Energy World Will Autonomous Cars Arrive Sooner Than Later? Nonexistent U.S. Offshore Wind Gets Strange Boost Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, May 31, 2016

Value Investor Favoring Commodity Paradigm Shift Recants Autonomous Truck Technology Being Promoted Over Cars Oil Flirts With $50 Price Tag But Rally May Be Ending El Niño Over; What Comes Next Will Impact Nat Gas Market New England Grapples With Its Future Electricity Supply A Sinking Florida Is Not A New Climate Change Phenomenon Read […]

Musings From The Oil Patch, May 17, 2016

From Heat And Humidity To Warm Days And Cool Nights Another Weekend Adventure For Saudi’s Energy Policy Wealthy Tech Leader Sees Basic R&D Key To Energy Issue Fossil Fuel Divestment Might Focus On Tobacco Investments Canada’s Wildfires Prompt Environmental Attacks On Oil Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, May 3, 2016

Offshore Wind Presented As Future But Cost Is A Problem The Future Of Saudi Arabia Without Oil – A Possibility? Does Hope For The Natural Gas Market Depend On Weather? Will Driverless Trucks Impact More Than Autonomous Cars? Oil Bust Has Energy Execs Seeking New Business Models Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, April 19, 2016

Helping Explain The Enigma That Is Saudi Arabia’s Oil Policy Oilfield Labor Good News May Really Be Bad News Nutrition Study History, Free Speech Attack And The Climate Gasoline Relief As Self-driving Cars Face Limitations Upcoming Hurricane Season Creates Forecasting Challenge Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch – April 5, 2015

Climate Change Reality Will Force Debate Reassessment BOEM Final Rule Confirms Its Eye For Regulatory Expansion Is The Current Oil And Gas Industry Downturn About To End? Is Energy Department Chasing Its Next Solyndra Fiasco? GOM Lease Sale Portends Further Offshore Weakness Oil And Gas Industry Under Assault Like Never Before? Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch March 22, 2016

When Is History Not A Guide For The Future Of Oil Prices? Struggling Economies, Stimulus, Cheap Money And Energy Shell And Aramco Break-up Highlights Market Share Issue Outlook for The U.S. Offshore Industry Is Darkening Oregon Embarks On Aggressive Clean Power Move U.S. LNG Market Surprised By Jordan Cove Decision Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch March 8, 2016

Understanding Historical Mindsets In Today’s Energy World Will Saudi Arabia’s Cash Drain Drive Oil Output Cut? Oil, Oil Everywhere But Not Many Containers For Storage The Puzzle Of China’s Demand Hurts Oil Market Recovery A Man With Great Impact On The Shale Revolution Dies Houston Growing Despite Energy Industry Downturn Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch March 8, 2016

More Insights Into Mind Of Saudi Arabia About Energy Policy Crude Oil Prices And The Underwhelming World Economy Crumbling Oil Industry Offers Challenges And Opportunities Are Oil Companies Vulnerable To Electric Vehicles? Look Out Cows! Here Come The Regulators Read article »

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