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Musings from the Oil Patch – December20, 2011

Ontario Green Energy Policy Blasted By A-G As Costly Folly 2012 E&P Spending Plans Call For Another Healthy Increase Shale Gas Drilling Faring Better Than Headlines Suggest U.S. Wind Industry Confronting Reality Of No Tax Subsidies Hurricane Forecasters Give Up Early December Quest New Study Says CAFE Standards Will Lead To Larger Cars read more

Musings from the Oil Patch – December 6, 2011

Imagining The Future For The Natural Gas Industry EIA’s Headline Is Obvious But Misses The Critical Point Who Will Finance The Energy Supplies For Our Future? Chevy Volt Battery Fire Prompts Study And Concern For EVs Will High Gas Prices Really Drive People To Mass Transit? Canadian Power Exports Show Problem With Green Energy   […]

Musings from the Oil Patch – November 22, 2011

Keystone Decision Reflects Politics And Is Bad For America The Global Oil Service Industry Shows Up In Strange Places Upcoming Winter Could Be A Repeat Of Last Year’s Winter Are Battery Fires A Stumbling Block For Electric Vehicles? Canadian Insurers Blame Climate Change For Rate Hikes read more

Musings from the Oil Patch – November 8, 2011

Does BG/Cheniere Deal Signal New Energy Market For U.S.? Could Marcellus Shale Growth Be Sidelined By Legalities? We’re Not Driving Miss Daisy Anymore Says Census Bureau Keystone XL Decision Near As Political Pressure Grows Understanding The Europe Wildcard And Global Energy Needs New Concern Over Hydraulic Fracturing May Impact Its Use What’s The Outlook For […]

Musings from the Oil Patch – October 25, 2011

Optimistic NPC Resource Study Did Not Consider Price Global Economy Sputters – Energy Demand Eroding How To Question Reserve Reports Without Any Knowledge Admiral Allen (Ret.) Has Family Chat With Offshore Execs Rhode Island Wind Farm Hits New And Interesting Snag The “Great Crew Change” Carries Potential Risks For Industry Volvo Trying Flywheel Energy Storage […]

Musings from the Oil Patch – October 11, 2011

What The World Needs Now Is Not Love, But A Bio-bike! NPC Is Extremely Optimistic About Natural Gas, If… How Green Energy Can Be Used To Hammer Business Italian Scientists On Trial; Should All Scientists Worry? Our Favorite Energy Indicators In The News Rhode Island Pushes To Expand Renewable Energy Sector Energy And Private Equity […]

Musings from the Oil Patch – September 27, 2011

Marcellus Shale Resources: “Just one more thing…” Is Capital Discipline Re-emerging In The Natural Gas Market? Who To Believe About Global Warming – Gore Or Polls? Rhode Island Wind May Be Establishing A New Record Cold Regions Could Suffer Environmentally From Bulb Ban The Farce Of Green Jobs Depends On How You Define Them Driving […]

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