Energy Musings, April 5, 2022

Energy Musings contains articles and analyses dealing with important issues and developments within the energy industry, including historical perspective, with potentially significant implications for executives planning their companies’ future. While published every two weeks, events and travel may alter that schedule. I welcome your comments and observations. Allen Brooks

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April 5, 2022

The Challenge EVs Face With Raw Material Inflation

The EV revolution is underway and promoted by the Biden administration. Inflation in the raw materials used in EVs has caused Tesla to raise prices and others to warn about higher costs. READ MORE

Joe Biden Promises U.S. LNG To Help Europe – Realistic?

The U.S. and E.U. have agreed to work together to boost U.S. LNG shipments to Europe to help get them off Russian natural gas. Plans sound good, but what is the reality of them happening? READ MORE

Offshore Wind Performance Raises Questions About Output

A review of the U.K.’s January’s daily offshore wind output shows significant variability. We examined monthly offshore wind’s performance against capacity that showed utilization issues. READ MORE

Random Energy Topics Of Note

Are We Moving More Or Less, And What Does It Mean?

High oil prices have analysts concerned about demand destruction. We look at data.

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