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Musings From The Oil Patch – November 29, 2016

The OPEC Agreement: Yes…But Are EVs Reaching The Take-off Point Or Doomed To Neutral? The 2016-2017 Winter: Will It Be The Winter Of Our Despair? Renewables And Battery Technology Breakthroughs Watson And The World Of Big Data In Energy Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch – November 15, 2016

Natural Gas Prices Collapse As Upcoming Winter Written Off It’s Trump! Public’s Concerns May Have Been Overblown Is Canada Finally Getting Its Pipeline Export Act Together? Autonomous Trucks Pave The Way For Self-driving Cars Does The Trump Election Change OPEC Rolling The Dice? Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch – November 1, 2016

The Elephant In The Oil Market May Not Be OPEC Agreement The Anti-Fossil Fuel Movement Risks Environmental Disaster First Keystone; Now DAPL; Next NE Natural Gas Pipelines? Despite Climate and Matthew Hype, Public Not Worried Government Should Tell Obama About Climate Change Carbon Taxes Are Popular With Some Until They Are Not Read article »

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