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Musings From The Oil Patch, December 30, 2014

Why The Natural Gas Supply Debate Is Important President Obama And Keystone XL Pipeline – Minimal Impact An Interesting Wind Power Story From Chile Correction: Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, December 16, 2014

Debate Grows Over Illusion of 100-Year Gas Supply Scenari 2014 Atlantic Hurricane Season Was Least Active In 30 Years Crude Oil: $58; Next Stop $40 Or $100? Questioning Environmental Claims Dangerous To Reputation Renewables Battle For Opportunities And NE Is Ground Zero Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, December 2, 2014

OPEC Is A Band-Aid; Lack Of Global Demand Is The Wound Failure To Cut Production Puts Pressure On E&P Operations HAL/BHI Deal – Transformational Or Just Shifting Deckchairs? Buffalo Walloped By Snow; Rhode Island By National Grid! Renewables Tax Subsidies Continue To Drive Industry Growth Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, November 18, 2014

Could The U.S. LNG Market Be Derailed Before It Starts? Morality Has Now Become Ground Zero For Climate Change Oil Price Volatility Magnifies Mystery Of Saudi Oil Strategy Keystone Saga Makes Another Twist – Approval Coming? Advice From New York Times: Don’t Stand Under A Tree! Halliburton And Baker Hughes: Asia Money And The U.S. […]

Musings From The Oil Patch, November 4, 2014

Being Late For Closing Barn Doors Makes Forecasting Hard Renewables Subsidy Battle Restarts; Economics Still Muddy Nuclear Power Plants Seeking Approval To Work Longer Sec. Of State Kerry Proves He Is Powerless On Keystone XL Random Thoughts About Energy Trends Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, October 21, 2014

Saudi Arabia Oil Policy Hammers Home The Austerity Case Truckers, Gas Prices And Mexican Food – The New Economics Climate And The Great Unknown – Cause For Concern? This Year’s Gas Storage Saga – From Worst To First? New Englanders Better Pray For A Super-warm Winter Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, October 10, 2014

Does History Of Alaska Pipeline Offer Hope For Keystone? NGSA Says More Gas Supply Less Demand This Winter Transportation In The U.S. Is Undergoing Subtle Changes Will Lower Oil Prices Drive A Greater Austerity Push? Rockefellers, Divestment, Clean Energy And Climate Change Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch,September 23, 2014

Where Will The Future Of Crude Oil Prices Take Us? Good News Doesn’t Sell Papers, Especially If It’s O&G News! The U.S. Natural Gas Market Is Like Ol’ Man River Challenges Of Shale-Driven Boom – Will It Last For Long? Massachusetts Justice And The Dog That Didn’t Bark Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, Septeber 9, 2014

What Does Winter Outlook Say About Natural Gas Demand? Booming Car Sales And Rising VMT To Change Oil Demand? Brits: Are You Ready For A Winter Of Discontent? After Hiatus, Keystone XL Pipeline Battle Resumed Friday Can You Trust The Financial Data Used To Analyze Energy? Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, August 26, 2014

Further Proof Of Industry Change Due To Era of Austerity Environmentalists Disrupt Efforts To Boost NE Gas Supply Is Canada Finally Seeing The Light On Energy? A Positive Outlook For Wind And Offshore Wind Generation Renewables: Not Only Expensive, But Possibly A Bird Killer Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, August 12, 2014

New Cost Research Disputes Attractiveness of Renewables Will Natural Gas Storage Go From Worst To Best In Decade? Era Of Austerity: The EIA Recognizes Importance Of Profits Will Golden Arches Ruling Upset Oil Industry Structure? Once Again The Terror Of Technology: Driverless Vehicles Energy And Climate Change Lessons From Our River Cruise Read article »

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