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Musings From The Oil Patch, December 24, 2013

An Oilfield Poem For The Season And The Ages A Toolpusher’s Night Before Christmas Energy Receives Little Support In Barron’s 2014 Outlook The Chevron Tower Decision – Sign Of Emerging Problems? Supreme Court And Lawlessness In The Offshore Business The European Union And Challenges To Its Energy Policy Is The Energy Glass Half Full Or […]

Musings From The Oil Patch, December 10, 2013

Age Of Private Equity Has Benefitted From Shale Revolution North America Gas Output Trends Show Mixed Performance The Economist’s World In 2014 Report’s Interesting Points The Politics Surrounding Wind Energy Are Blowing Hot 2013 Hurricane Season Surprises As One Of Weakest Ever Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, November 26, 2013

Shale Alters Energy Market, Business Strategy and Investing Chad Faces The Downside Of China’s Global Energy Policy Gasoline Prices And New Car Sales – A Real Relationship? Another Oil-Train Wreck Draws Attention To Industry Safety Update On China’s Third Plenum Meeting And One-Child Policy Petrobras Peru: A Tale Of Two Countries In Need Of Oil […]

Musings From The Oil Patch, November 11, 2013

Safety Statistics Reporting Could Impact Offshore Regulation The Enigma Of China’s Economy And Its Energy Needs Will Slower Economic Growth Challenge U.S. Energy? First Time Since 2007 OPEC Raises Oil Demand Outlook Wrestling With The Natural Gas Production Bear Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, October 29, 2013

Accidents Haunt Canada’s Rail Transportation Of Crude Oil New Study On Youth Driving Says It’s All About Economics Al Gore Tilting At Windmills But With Significant Support EIA Introduces New Data To Help Understand O & G Output Has EPA Become The Punching Bag For Industry And States? Acceleration In Patents Should Help World’s Energy […]

Musings From The Oil Patch, October 15, 2013

Ol’ Man Natural Gas Just Keeps Rollin’ Along The Reordering Of The Global Oil And Gas Industry Will The British Election Be About ‘Bread and Circuses?’ How A 30,000-foot View Can Often Prove Dangerous No Arctic Shipping Route – A Blow To Global Warming? “On the road again – Just can’t wait to get on […]

Musings From The Oil Patch, October 1, 2013

Shale, Shale And More Shale – The Good, Bad And Ugly Germany’s Clean Energy Problems Gaining Visibility In U.S. More Data Reflects Concern About Health Of U.S. Economy Continuing To Receive Mixed Signals About Keystone Hurricane Season Confounds Forecasters And Warmists Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, September 17, 2013

Economy On The Upswing But Risks Are Emerging Does Syria Matter For The Future Of Crude Oil Markets? We Found The World’s Next Alternative Energy Source Wind Energy Is Clearly Politically Correct In Rhode Island Americans Continue To Drive Less; Will That Ever Change? Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, September 3, 2013

Read article »

Musings From The Oil Patch, August 206, 2013

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Shale Play Development Scenarios

Shale Play Development Scenarios

Alboran is the right advisory partner if you require a better understanding of the risks and opportunities in the emergent global market for shale gas and liquids. Our asset appraisals are based on detailed analyses of the geology, petrophysics and rock mechanics of your particular shale asset and we can model the economic field development […]

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